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Theta bowl set 6.jpg

Theta Singing Bowls 

  • Set of 7 Bowls
  • Made of 7 metals - Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Iron, Silver, Gold
  • Biggest Bowl Is 13.5 cm
  • Also Included Is A Carry Bag, 7 Cushions & 2 Rotating Sticks.

It also reduces brainwaves and brings one first to alpha state (meditative and super relaxation), then Theta state (out of body and mind experience) and after longer playing to Delta state (transformation state and DNA – repair). 


Best used for balancing the mental body during yoga, group meditations.

These mini singing bowls are called Theta  bowls because they act upon the brainwaves, bringing the brain into Theta  Frequency, which is a state of meditation. 

Helps for migraine, insomnia, parkinsons, tinnitus. They are created by a sand casting process using machine, hand and sand. So not hammered by hand.


Shipping & Taxes Included.

Theta bowl in bag.jpg
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