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  • Set of 7 Bowls, Attuned To The Chakras And Of Course Each Other.
  • Made of 7 metals - Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Iron, Silver, Gold
  • The Largest Bowl Is 24cm
  • For Personal Healing
  • Also Included Are 2 Striking Sticks, 2 Rotating Sticks, 7 Cushions, Chakra Bag & Tingshaw.

Ritual made bowls, 3 times hammered, 7  metals copper, tin, lead, zinc, iron, gold  and silver, of which 7% silver. This is the  highest amount of silver used in any bowl,  for silver represents the Moon. 

New Moon Bowl set 02.jpg

The Bowls are ceremonially created by a master, under a New Moon, while 4 priests are chanting the New Moon Mantra (Aausi mantra).

The New Moon represents new beginnings, cleansing and inspiration. In Nepal they are used for healings, therapies and sound baths, but they are at their greatest power during New Moon (or no moon). Traditionally they are used at the New Moon ceremonial festivals, in which they celebrate new cycle in ceremony...

...New moon is the beginning of a 28 days cycle, in which they place intentions, wishes and new creations, while cleansing and purifying themselves from the old. These intentions then come to fruition during the Full Moon, on which they have their Full Moon ceremonial festivals.


They often sit in circles, poor water into the New Moon bowls, hold hands with a moonstone or flower in them, chanting the New Moon mantra (Aausi mantra) and then play on the New Moon singing bowls...

...Healing wise the Moon represents water and emotions, and the bowls are used for releasing emotional traumas, relations, cleansing of crystals, objects, creations and people. They cleanse themselves by putting their hands in the vibrating water of the singing bowls...


The singing bowls vibrations shake everything loose and get the body ready for the new beginning. So for healers it is best to heal first the old wounds, then after that use the singing bowls to initiate the new start... 


Shipping & Taxes Included.

...The healing with these bowls can be done to oneself or to others, laying down or while sitting. See video for more inspiration.


These sets, together with the Full Moon sets are the most advanced magically created bowls. They are of course also used when it's not a New Moon, but they are just more powerful at that time.

New Moon Singing Bowls 

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