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  • Set of 7 Chakra Bowls
  • Made of 7 metals - Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Iron, Silver, Gold
  • Largest Bowl is 20.5cm
  • Also Included Are 2 Striking Sticks, 2 Rotating Sticks, 7 Cushions, Chakra Bag & Tingshaw.

Dhoni = Universal vibration
Patra = perfect geometric shape (of bowl)

Dhoni Patra chakra bowls 6.jpg

Probably the best singing bowls made, in terms of structure and material. The Dhoni Patra Chakra Healing Bowls are 4 times hand hammered and balanced with
female and male sound.


The colour is added at the end of the process.

Chakra sound bath, chakra healing and balancing, chakra chanting, vibration massage, therapy, self-healing, meditation. The set contains all the scales and sizes for each chakra.


Shipping & Taxes Included.

Dhoni Patra chakra bowls 4b.jpg

Dhoni Patra Bowls 

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